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Pasta Primavera

April 22, 2010

Hello and happy spring!

If you’re like me, living in a city whose winter seems to last a lifetime, the first signs of spring are maybe the most joyous times of the year.

Spring has finally sprung in london, and to welcome its arrival, my friends and i made a market run to get some fresh produce and pasta to make what my mom always said was a springtime classic…

Pasta Primavera

There’s really no strict ingredient list to this recipe–just some nice pasta (penne is used traditionally, we chose fettucini), and a mix of in-season veggies.

For our greens, we chopped squash, asparagus, and sugar snap peas.

For our reds and oranges, we had peppers and tomatos.

Start  by sauteing your green veggies (they are harder, and take longer to cook)

Cook your pasta according to package directions.

Then saute your red veggies. The tomatoes got pretty mushy–Next time I would maybe omit them or just add them raw.

Then simply add in your cooked veggies into your cooked pasta. Toss to mix.

Then serve! We also got some fresh buffalo mozzarella at the market, and crumbled that on top for a nice little extra treat.

This is an incredibly light, fresh dinner or lunch, perfect for the longer, sunny days!


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