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Chicken Tortilla Soup

February 22, 2010

G’day Mates!  As most of you know, I am in Sydney, Australia studying abroad.  It has been absolutely amazing!  Not to mention they have a vast array of ethnic food that I have been living off of because our kitchen accommodations here at Unilodge pretty much suck.  It is huge industrial kitchen with only half working appliances and no oven at all!  So probably not much baking for me these next few months 😦  But I have met some awesome people while being here, one of them being the lovely Beth Rubin!  So readers, I would like to introduce our first ever guest blogger….everyone meet Beth and her easy and delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup!

So, down under here we try and cook group meals as much as possible because it is much easier, cheaper, and more fun.  Plus we all get out of class late, so dividing up  the work makes it go faster.  Now Beth has been telling us that she had this amazing chicken tortilla soup recipe from the beginning…so last week she finally got her chance to make it and we all helped.

But first, let me show you the accommodations we have to work with here…

Apparently that hole in the middle is for a wok?  I know few college kids with one and have no idea how that works.  About 2 of the burners don’t work, and I am still figuring out the best way to use that toaster/salamander looking thing….So as you can see, we can pretty much only cook simple things.  Any who, back to some yummy soup!

First you get all your ingredients together (it looks like a lot, but these flavors are all necessary, trust me).

First you cut your chicken into little pieces and cook it in just a little bit of oil, then set it aside.

Then saute your chopped onions in a soup pot.

Then add in your chicken stock and make sure you have washed and strained your corn, and beans.

Then you just add in the rest of your ingredients and let the soup simmer until desired heat.

Then serve it up, top with a little cheese of your choise and some crushed tortilla chips and enjoy!

This was quite a delicious soup.  It was very hearty and filling.  We made two batches so we even had enough for leftovers for everyone.  This is perfect for a cold day (not that we have those here in Oz), but I will definitely be making this when I get back to Boston.  Thanks for your recipe Beth!


-15 oz. can of corn

-15 oz. can red kidney beans

-1 yellow onion

-8 oz. can of tomato sauce

-10 oz. can diced tomatoes with green chilis

-4 cups chicken stock

-1 tsp. cumin

-1 packet taco seasoning

-about 4 chicken fillets (you can put in as much chicken as desired)

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe (courtesy of the Rubin family):

1.  Cook your chicken in some oil and set aside, meanwhile saute the onion in a soup pot.

2.  Once the onions are nice and tender add in your chicken stock.

3.  Strain and wash all of your vegetables, then add them to the soup pot.

4.  Add in the rest of the ingredients and let them simmer until desired heat.  You can also add pepper to taste.

Okay all, hopefully I will be able to post some more of our make shift cooking from out here in Australia!  Now as they say here, you all should have a go!



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  1. February 22, 2010 10:13 am

    delicious soup. lovely ladies.

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